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Roma Downey Interview: Discussing Her faith, Son of God Movie & More….


How are you doing this Sunday? It rained off and on here, most of the day, so I spent my day indoors just resting and sleeping and reading God’s word. I cooked a little, did some laundry and now I’m heading off to bed for the night.

I just to wanted to take a few minutes and share with you about an interview that Roma Downey, star of “Touched By An Angel” and producer of the TV series “The Bible” & the film, “Son of God,” gave on this week’s episode of 100 Huntley Street. She sat down with host Eric Metaxes to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs she has experienced while producing and participating in faith-based work. The interview aired today and is on http://us.100huntley.com

Roma Downey Interview

I’m happy that more and more women of faith are willing to be courageous enough to place their faith at the forefront of their careers. Especially, in the current climate of our culture where Christians who speak out and stand up for their faith are being persecuted because it is not socially accepted. I appreciate that Downey is forging the way for all those who desire to encourage audiences through uplifting media messages.

If you are a man or woman of faith be encouraged to continue doing the work that God has called you to do. Be willing to take a stand for the truth! Don’t back down, no matter the persecution. No matter if you are supported or not by your family or friends or the culture you live in. If God has given you a mission, a purpose, a desire, a dream – be brave, be persistent and be obedient to His purpose and plan for your life.

For Downey, she listened to the whispers that God placed in her heart to bring the message of the Gospel to the big screen. Because she (and her husband, Mark Burnett) listened and obeyed, people all around the world will hear the message of Jesus and be saved.

What is He whispering in your heart? What is God calling you to do? How does he want to use you to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ? Not everyone can produce a movie about Jesus on the big screen or TV, but all of us can speak up and share the gospel with our family, friends and neighbors. We can share the message of what Jesus did at the cross to save us from our sins by sharing out own personal testimony with others.

So I want to encourage you today, to stand up and speak out about your faith and what Jesus did for you. Roma and her husband Mark were willing to take a stand in Hollywood for what they believe in and what God called them to do. Will you do the same where you’re at in your own life?


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