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My 52 Week Savings Plan


The 52 Week Savings Plan

As many of you might have seen, there is a 52 Week Savings Plan Challenge going on around the web with a chart like this one below.

52 Week Savings Plan

Click here to see my updated 52 Week Savings Plan Chart. With error on line 49 corrected.

How it works: Each week of the year, you set aside the amount equal to the week #. Example: Week 1 you set aside a ($1), week 2 ($2), week 3 ($3) and so on. By the end of the year if you follow the chart above you will have $1,378.00. Wow! What an easy and fun way to save money. 

I would like to add a suggestion to this plan. On weeks you have extra money in your budget, set aside more than what is required throughout the year and you will save even more. 

I am taking this challenge and have already started my 52 Week Savings Plan. I also showed it to my 12-year-old son and he has taken the challenge too. His goal is to save for a car before he turns 16 and my savings will be used for Christmas shopping.

I’m not sure who to source with this idea, so feel free to let me know if you have any idea where it originated.

Will you take the 52 Week Savings Plan Challenge?


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