‘Full House’ Star- Candace Cameron Bure on Faith, Family & Career

Candace Cameron Bure, in her down-to-earth fashion, discusses her faith, family and career.


You might know Candace Cameron Bure, child actor from the popular TV show, Full House. Or you may have recently seen her on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Or maybe you have spotted her in a movie on Hallmark channel. She’s also a producer, an author, wife and mom of three.

Wow! She’s one incredibly talented woman.

Candace Cameron Bure was recently interviewed on 100 Huntley Street, where she discusses how she came to faith and about her new book, “Balancing it All”. She also shares what it means to her to be a strong woman and how she juggles her daily priorities with work and family. 

100 Huntley Street is produced by Crossroads Christian Communications (Crossroads), a leader in providing faith and values media content to all generations. The hosts of 100 Huntley Street, ”New York Times” bestselling author Eric Metaxas and critically acclaimed actor, April Hernandez, interview celebrities that are inspiring, showing the fun and positive side of life. They offer a practical approach to finding hope and inspiration by showcasing today’s challenges and triumphs in an entertaining yet informative way.  

100 Huntley Street wants to help improve your personal and family life – all while encouraging you in your spiritual journey.

Among this season’s celebrity guests are Survivor Executive Producer, Mark Burnett, Emmy-nominated Touched by an Angel actress Roma Downey, Academy Award winning actor Nicholas Cage, comedienne Susan Isaacs, Candace Cameron Bure from Full House and Quinton Aaron of the Oscar-winning film The Blind Side, with special appearances by author and pastor Rick Warren.

Visit 100 Huntley Street to check out more inspiring interviews that I know will encourage you in your faith.



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The Five Step Plan For Successful Household Management

The 5 Step Plan That I Follow To Run A Successful Household 

As a mom of five and having managed a household for 38 years I have learned some secrets over the years on how to run a successful household. I’ve tried a little bit of everything to keep my house in order. Today I’m going to share my 5 step plan I follow everyday to keep my household running smoothly. These steps may or may not work for you due to your work and family schedule. The main thing about running a successful household is designing a household management plan and schedule that works for you and your family and sticking with it.
The Five Step Plan Successful Household Management
1. Quiet Time: Conversation and Coffee! Serve up your favorite morning beverage and spend some time in the word conversing with God. I know you’re probably thinking how is this helpful in managing a household. For me it keeps me calm and centered. It helps me to keep things in perspective when life is overwhelming. I have skipped this step many times and always realize that without spending that time putting God first place in my life, I don’t handle the inevitable interruptions that most days have. I take this time to read some scriptures. I allow God to speak to me through His word and pray. I also plan out my day. I know someday’s it just doesn’t seem there is enough time to fit this in, but it so’s worth it. Even if you’re a new mom and have your hands full with a baby or small children it is so important to try to find the time to spend with God. Even if that means turning on an audio Bible. There are many you can listen to online for free. Or some worship music. 
2. Make the beds: I find if everyone makes their bed it makes it seem the house is just more organized and cleaner. I do this everyday. Especially, since I have an office I work out of in my bedroom. Get the kids on board and soon this will become a habit that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. I have found with kids that if they have their favorite bedding, comforters and pillows on their beds that it motivates them to want to keep a nice presentable room. Especially, if they go shopping with you and pick it out themselves. I believe they will take pride in their room when they care about their own things.
3. Kitchen Time: I do a quick wipe off of the counters, sweep and mop. I am a little ocd about this, but it just makes me feel like the house is clean when I can walk into my kitchen and there is no mess. I usually do this step after step 1 and 2. I also pull something out of the freezer to cook for dinner or throw something in the crock-pot. I also prepare breakfast during this time if needed and taking out the garbage. This is also the time I look at my calendar and my list of things to do. I’ll also add to the list as needed. I also usually throw in a load of laundry during this time. Once this step is done, I’m ready for step 4.
4. Walk-through: This is when I walk through each room in my house. Opening curtains in each room if not already done. I’ll take the time to straighten up things in each room where it might need it. I also am picking up anything that may have been left sitting out of place in the house. There usually isn’t since I do this before bedtime the night before. In general, I’m checking making sure everything is done in each room and mentally noting what might need done that day. I also will sweep and mop in these rooms if needed. I don’t have a lot of things that needed dusting, since I really hate knickknacks and leaving things sitting out. In my living room I only have the TV, TV stand, one table and fireplace to dust. In the dining room I have a glass corner cabinet and kitchen table. I really don’t dust everyday. Just as is needed. So to sum it up, during the walk-through on any given day, I’ll be dusting, sweeping, mopping, picking up, straightening up pillows etc…. and anything else that might need done that day. I also include the bathroom in this. I check to make sure the garbage can is empty, that we have toilet paper in the bathroom and the bath towels that are in there are hanging straight. I will clean whatever needs immediate attention. This is also the time I’ll throw the laundry in the dryer if I washed anything during step 3. The walk-through is not when I do heavy cleaning. I plan those projects on different days of the week. Usually later in the afternoon. The walk-through is just to get your house in order. I also do a walk-through before I go to bed at night.
5. Organize and Projects: This is the time I do household paperwork. Make appointments needed. Writing down my meal plans. Making grocery lists. Doing my monthly budgeting. Returning phone calls that pertain to the household not my work. Anything that needs done, such as calling and scheduling appointments. Example: one of the things I recently had to do is call around comparing insurance plans. This is also the time I spend on household projects. I usually just plan one project a day or just a few a week. I find if I do a little everyday instead of all at once, it doesn’t seem to overwhelming. 
These are the steps I follow each and everyday. By this time of the day it’s usually around 9 or 9:30 am if I was able to start early. Sometimes I finish even earlier than this if I don’t have to cook a big breakfast or do a lot of clean up. The rest of my day is spent on homeschooling. In the late afternoons I’ll do bigger projects like the yard work, finishing cooking, appointments or anything else I need to do and have planned for that day.  
For me, these five steps help me to run a successful household. When I follow these steps I find that life does not seem so overwhelming and I can stay on top of keeping my house clean and organized leaving me the time to do the things I love.

Do you have a household management plan?

If not, I’d like to encourage you to start. I believe that when you have a household management plan in place you’ll feel more in control of your life and your day. This way you can avoid feelings of being overwhelmed by life and the interruptions that are sure to happen.

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How to make a quick easy dessert out of left-over yellow cake


Quick and Easy Left-Over Cake Dessert

Your guests will never know it was a last-minute idea! That is, unless you tell.

Last night I was really craving something sweet. After rummaging around in the pantry, I decided to bake a yellow cake. Since I’m really trying to cut back on calories I just left off the icing. It was just the thing to curb my sweet tooth. 

Today I had unexpected company drop by. I normally would have something baked and ready to serve if I know someone is coming over, so as I made us some coffee I remembered the cake I had made last night. It didn’t look very pretty since me and my son had already cut into it and not so nicely I might add. I mean who worries about cutting the lines straight when it’s just you and your son eating. LOL!


Back to my cake dilemma. I didn’t want to just serve a plain piece of yellow cake. So as I was getting out the creamer and cool whip for our coffee. (yes cool whip is delish in coffee. You really must try it if you haven’t before) I had an idea. 
I went back to the fridge and found what I was looking for. Some strawberries I had gotten on sale. I quickly assembled everything. 
Here, take a peek. 
Quick Easy Left-over Cake Recipe
I carefully cut out two square pieces of cake and placed them on a plate. Then I covered with cool whip and added cut strawberries.


 Doesn’t it look pretty for a last-minute quick & easy dessert?
Quick Easy Left-Over Cake Dessert

I love being Resourceful in the kitchen.

What’s your latest resourceful dessert you’ve made?

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Cooper Tire Spring Savings Event

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine.


I love bringing my readers great Resourceful Deals so I’m excited to tell you about this one.


Cooper Tire Spring Savings Event!


 photo Cooper100Logoblue_zpsdf390499.jpeg


Right now you can get an awesome deal when you buy a set of Cooper Tires.During their Spring Savings Event, when you purchase a new set of four qualifying Cooper tires at participating dealers, you will get up to an $80 Visaprepaid card! 


Wow! $80, now that’s a Resourceful Deal! Get a great set of tires and pocket some cash!


I know myself, as a mom on a budget, it can be hard to come up with the money for such big purchases as tires for my car, so this is just the kind of deal I look for.


 photo b8b5c12d-6235-4742-af12-d10dea6e117e_zps97a483a3.jpg


With Cooper Tires you are getting a quality, reliable set of tires from a brand you can count on. The Cooper name has a proud and storied heritage that goes back 100 years to 1914. This is a company that cares about its customers producing tires for over 100 years says a lot.


 photo 2014_cooper_spring_promo_flyer_zps42967333.jpeg


I’m also thrilled to announce the “Roll with Cooper” sweepstakes!


In addition to providing tires for real-life performance at a real value, Cooper is celebrating life’s everyday road trips with a $1,000 prize pack sweepstakes.  


Visit Cooper Tire on Facebook to post favorite moments of daily travels in the car, or tag #RollWithCooper on Twitter or Cooper’s newly-launched Instagram page to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a gas card and Cooper merchandise. Cooper wants to hear how drivers #RollWithCooper, whether it’s singing along to favorite songs while carpooling to school or commuting to work.


I know I would love to win the $1,000 prize pack that includes a $800 Gas card. If I won, I’d take my son on a road trip to Florida. Or I might take him to Gatlinburg TN. I really do love the mountains. 


If you won the Prize pack what would you do? 


The Cooper Tire Spring Savings Event is on!  Roll into Savings Today!


This offer is only available in the U.S., District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. You can see eligible products, obtain full terms and conditions and a mail-in reward form by visiting a participating Cooper Tire dealer or visit Cooper Tire Rebates

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Puerto Rico: Plan Your 5-Star Vacation Today!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. All opinions are 100% mine.

Puerto Rico is a 5-star vacation destination filled with world-class attractions. Whether you’re a golfer, foodie, the adventure type, or a beach (rum) bum, Puerto Rico has everything that you want in a nice relaxing vacation.

No need for Passports or foreign money required.  

Just hop on a plane and go! 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to go with Puerto Rico having 270 miles of beautiful coastlines. These gorgeous coastlines have been featured on the Travel Channel in their list of Top 10 beaches to visit.

One of the beaches is Flamenco Beach in Culebra, often cited as one of the best beaches in the world. It’s breathtaking.

Puerto Rico: Plan Your 5-Star Vacation Today!

Flamenco Beach has picture-perfect white sand framed by green rolling hills. Flamenco Beach is one of the most beautiful places in all of Puerto Rico. Here you will find tranquility as you lay soaking up the sun and splashing in the multi-hued water as you create your 5-star vacation story making memories you will never forget. 

Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico.

- You can glow like an angel in the water in the Bioluminescent bays.

- You can visit the only rainforest under US national park service, El Yunque, and climb to the clouds. 

- History Buffs can enjoy old world charm of San Juan. 

- Adventurers can enjoy horse back riding or the magnificent Camuy caverns that runs through the 3rd largest subterranean river in the world. 

-Foodies can experience the delicacies of Puerto Rican gastronomy and it’s famous Rums.


Puerto Rico is filled with world-class attractions that will turn any trip into a 5-star vacation story. Visit seepuertorico.com to turn your vacation dreams into reality. 

What 5-star vacation are you ready to create in Puerto Rico?

We would love to have you Like SeePuertoRico.com on Facebook and Follow @PRTourismCo on Twitter.

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Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Tips: When I was a child I almost drowned

Summer will be here before we know it and that means families will be heading out to the lake and pool to enjoy the warm weather. Many happy memories will be made, but there are dangers lurking. 


One of the biggest dangers in the warmer months are drownings, drownings that can be prevented. 

Did you know that drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the United States? 3,533 people die as a result of drowning each year and most of those deaths are children under the age of four who drown in backyard swimming pools. 

When I was a child, I almost drowned. This is why I’m extra, extra careful around the water. I had five children and made sure they all learned how to swim at a very young age. Even though they knew how to swim, I never ever took my eyes off of them around the water. One can never be too careful. I’ve heard so many horror stories about kids drowning in a pool with a parent only a few feet away. Because I care so much about this issue and how important it is to prevent drowning, I’m sharing Tips on Water Safety and how to Help Prevent Drowning by the US Swim School Association.  

US Swim School Association: Tips to Help Prevent Drowning 

Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Tips

Preeminent swim school organization advises parents to begin water safety with kids at 6 months

To help educate children, parents, families and swim instructors on preventive measures to avoid a drowning incident, US Swim School Association (USSSA), the preeminent swim school organization in the country, has compiled the latest life-saving water safety and swim instruction tips to help educate the public on how to prevent drownings. 

 There are several standard water safety precautions recommended to parents including: keeping children under constant supervision, enrolling children in swimming lessons, knowing CPR, having pool fences and barriers installed. In addition to these vital steps, USSSA has created a list of tips parents can use to build extra layers of protection for their children around water.

  Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Tips

  • Create a verbal cue for your toddler or child that must be given by you before he or she can enter the pool.

  • Never allow your baby/toddler in the pool without a swim diaper.

  • Create a process the child must go through before entering a pool such as putting on a swim diaper, a swimsuit and applying sunscreen.

  • Never use flotation devices or water wings when swimming or when teaching kids to swim.

  • Children should learn to swim without goggles.  Teach your children to open their eyes under water; if they fall in they can find the side of the pool or a step and get out safely.  

  • For very young children practice having them put their entire face under water in the bathtub and blow bubbles to build their comfort with water.

  • Create a water safety plan for your family and have water emergency drills with your kids covering how to recognize the signs of someone struggling in water and what to do in this type of emergency.

  • Make sure your guests and kids’ friends know your pool rules before they go outside and get in the pool.

  • Start swim lessons at 6 months of age and continue them year-round at an US Swim School member location.

  • Always make sure your children wear life-jackets on boats, personal watercraft and in open bodies of water.

And my own personal tip. Never take your eyes off your child. While your child is in the water that is not the time to party or become distracted by talking and hanging out with your friends. You can do that after your child is out of the water and in a safe place. 

For more information on USSSA, details on becoming a member of the nation’s leading swim school organization, or to find a USSSA affiliated swim school near you, visit: http://www.usswimschool.org.



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Free Focus On The Family Magazine Subscription


Focus on the Family is offering a FREE Thriving Family Magazine Subscription.

Thriving Family™ — is a fresh marriage and parenting magazine designed to help families thrive and meet the needs of Christian families today! Each issue is filled with relevant, valuable and Biblically sound information focused not only on enhancing the parenting journey but also on enriching marriages.


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Free Samples from Sample Source

Do you love receiving freebies in the mail? I know I do. I especially love receiving samples of products to try before I buy them. This way I know if I like the product or not. So I’m excited to tell you about Sample Source. 

SampleSource allows you to try products with free samples, so you can make smart shopping decisions. It is as easy as registering, filling out a profile, and picking samples you would like to try whenever they are available. Sample Source will ship them right to your home. And the best part? It is 100% free!

I received my box of Free Samples from Sample Source. 

Free Samples from Sample Source

I received a bottle of Colgate Total Advanced mouthwash, toothpaste, TUMS Freshers Antacid and coupons. The sizes of the samples were bigger than I expected. A lot larger than most sample sizes. 

If you would like to sign up to receive Free Samples visit Sample Source. Fill out a little information and you’re on your way to receiving Free Samples in the mail. 


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April is Earth Month: Celebrate By Taking the Pledge to Buy Bulk

Celebrate Earth Month Buy Bulk

Buying from the bulk bins at the grocery store is a great way to save money on your food bill. By buying Bulk you’re not spending anything on packaging. You are able to purchase the exact amount of food you need without any going to waste. Did you also know that Bulk foods are on average 89% lower in price than packaged goods? And saving money is a good thing. I love that I can buy the exact amount I need of a product without all the extra packaging. And I personally like the look of my food in pretty glass jars and containers.Take the Pledge Buy Bulk

That’s not the only reason to shop the bulk bins. By purchasing Bulk foods you are helping the environment which helps to keep waste out of the landfill. That’s a win win for everybody.

I know at our house we end up with about two to three full garbage cans a week. I’m not proud of that at all and having been trying to decrease the output of waste at our house. So I’m taking the pledge! The pledge to purchase bulk foods once a week during the month of April for Earth Month.

Bulk is Green Council (“BIG”) would like everyone to Love Bulk Foods for April and in appreciation for you taking the pledge you will be entered to win a prize pack filled with everything you need to create a natural pantry stocked with foods from the bulk bins (approximate value $75). Winners will be drawn once a week during the Earth Month. Winners will be drawn once a week during the Earth Month.

Are you ready to help save the environment, eat healthier natural foods, reduce food waste and save some money?

Click here to take the pledge to Love Bulk Foods!


April is Earth Month: Celebrate By Taking the Pledge to Buy Bulk

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Free Printable Graph/Grid Paper

As a homeschooling family, we use lots of paper, especially graph paper for Math and Art. No matter how many times I purchase graph paper it seems to go missing right when we need it.  So I went in search of a Resourceful Solution that would allow me to print off what I need instead of having stacks of paper laying around that gets misplaced and goes missing.

The Resourceful Solution?

Free Printable Graph/Grid Paper

Free Printable Graph/Grid Paper

Save yourself money and a trip to the store with these free printable graph/grid papers right from your computer. 

I found a few different sites that allow you to print the size and kind you need. Below is the list of resources we use for Free Printable Graph Paper. 

Print Free Graph Paper- Free printable graph/grid papers.

Types of graph paper available: Cartesian, Engineering, Polar, Isometric, Logarithmic, Hexagonal, Probability and Smith Charts.

Incompetech- You will find a huge selection of all different types of graph/grid papers here. 

Types available: Squares, Triangle, Hexagonal, Circular, Polar, Asymmetric, Specialty, Writing and Note-taking.

Donna Young- This website has been around since 1998 and is filled with many valuable homeschooling resources and printables. You will spend hours here finding inspirational homeschooling information and a wealth of homeschooling resources.

Types of free printable paper:  Math Paper, Number Line Paper,  Graph I and Graph II papers, Scale and Coordinate Grids.

Math Aids- This is another great resource for all your math needs. You can create math worksheets for all levels of Math. They also offer Free Printable Graph/Grid Papers of every kind you’ll ever need for homeschooling.  

Here are the types of printable Graph/Grid Paper available: Standard, Single Quadrant Coordinate Plane Graph Paper, Four Quadrant Coordinate Plane Graph Paper, Polar Coordinate Graph Paper, Logarithmic Graph paper, Horizontal Number Lines Graph Paper, Vertical Number Lines Graph Paper, Cornell Notes Template, Writing Paper, Notebook Paper, Dot Graph, Trigonometric Graph Paper-Zero to 2 Pi and Trigonometric Graph Paper-Minus 2 Pi to Plus 2 Pi.

 I hope these resources will help aid you in your homeschooling adventures. Enjoy!

Please spread the word and share these valuable homeschooling resources with your family and friends. 


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