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Baby Tester for the BumpIt Bowl

The Bumpit Bowl Review: Does it work?

What is the BumpIt Bowl? It’s a bowl that’s hard to knock down but easy to pick up. Made for kids, but useful for all. With StayPut Technology, it’s a whole system! The BumpIt Bowl was created to stick to surfaces securely without being able to be knocked over. It was designed with kids in mind, …

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Craft How to crochet a butterfly

Crocheted Butterfly Tutorial From Craft

I wanted to share with my readers that I’ve started a new blog called Craft I will be sharing my crafts on Craft Blogger and also on youtube. I would love for you to subscribe to my new Craft Blog. 

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All US Presidents Free Coloring Pages

American Presidents’ Coloring Pages: From Washington to Obama

TEACH CHILDREN all about the presidents of the United States with PRINTABLE COLORING PAGES  to use in your homeschool lesson plans.  Presidential Resources for Homeschoolers and Teachers RESOURCE #1 PATRIOTIC COLORING PAGES: FREE Coloring Pages of all American Presidents from Washington to Obama available for download. RESOURCE #2 THE HOMESCHOOL MOM: A list of the Presidents of the …

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Creative Back To School Homework Stations

15 Creative Back-To-School Homework Stations

Fun ways to inspire learning: Create An Inspiring Homework Station Every Student Will Love!   15 Creative Back To School Homework Stations     HOMEWORK STATIONS: I’ve rounded up some of the most Beautiful and functional Homework Stations from around the web. These creative Homework Stations and spaces are an excellent way to inspire learning …

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From Garden To Freezer: How To Freeze Tomatoes

How To Freeze Tomatoes: My garden is overflowing with Tomatoes, so today with rain showers settling in and the house a bit cooler, I spent the afternoon freezing a few batches. I prefer to freeze tomatoes instead of can, because really it’s just easier and quicker. In fact, it’s so easy you can do it in …

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Basic Baby Essentials Check List Page 2

The Basic Baby Essentials Layette Gift Guide With Printable Checklist

Basic Baby Essentials Layette Gift Guide Includes Printable Checklist     So what is a Layette? A layette is simply a baby’s first wardrobe. Layette comes from the French word for little drawer— which means you are purchasing Baby’s First Clothes that would fit in a drawer. These are the essentials you’ll need to get through …

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