Many people associate the need for one or both partners needing space in a relationship as a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes, one partner will have a deep-rooted fear of abandonment that makes “taking space” a terrifying option.

But the truth is that spending time alone is a healthy behavior, and having physical space between yourself and your partner can help a relationship grow and expand. It also has the added benefit of being able to nurture yourself and reconnect with parts of you that you may have forgotten. Here are seven solid reasons why giving space to your partner is helpful in a relationship:

1. You Will Have The Chance To Miss Each Other

The old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” still holds true. When couples have been together for a while, things can stagnate. Time away from each other makes you truly appreciate the excellent qualities of your partner instead of the bad, and has a way of re-igniting amorous feelings.

2. You Will Each Get Some Much Needed Time With Friends

Perhaps you have neglected some of the other meaningful relationships in your life. Now is a good time to rekindle your friendships and spend some quality time with Toronto escorts . Get together for coffee or even a long chat on the phone. Never forget the value of having a supportive, caring circle of friends and do your part to take the time to maintain these essential connections.

3. You Will Each Realize The Reasons You Like Being In A Relationship

Spending time apart may remind you of some of the more positive perks of being in a relationship. That morning coffee he makes for you every morning or the way she helps you pick out just the right tie are things that make being in a relationship pleasurable. Not to mention to the closeness of Toronto escorts sleeping next to another person.

4. You Will Have More Things To Talk About

If you rarely spend time apart, it’s easy to run out of things to say. When you create some space to do things by yourself, you naturally experience other sights, have different conversations, and hear other things that you will want to share with your partner. It will be much easier to have new things to add to a discussion if you have some new material.

5. You Will Reflect On Your Own Shortcomings

If you and your partner frequently bicker and blame one another for things, you may have developed some poor coping skills over time. Being apart will allow you to look objectively at your own part in some of these arguments and reflect on how you could have handled things better. In short, you will gain a little extra perspective that might allow you a chance to change some self-defeating behaviors.

6. You Will Experience The Joy Of Alone Time

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Having some time apart means that you can let loose and be yourself for a bit. Perhaps you want to sleep in late without feeling bad. Or you want to sit around and read a cheesy novel in your sweatpants with a pint of ice cream at your side. Letting your guard down and taking a break from expectations or worries about what your partner would say can me just what the doctor ordered for rest and relaxation.

7. You Will Foster Mutual Trust

The strongest relationships have mutual trust and respect. By allowing your partner space and time to do his or her own thing you are showing that you trust them, knowing they will be there for you when you come back together again. And this goes both ways. Having trust like this is not only a sign of maturity in a relationship but is a comforting feeling for both partners.