“Is Heaven a hope, or as real as the earth and sky?” #HeavenIsForRealMovie

Heaven for me has always been something I’ve believed in. You can call it a Southern Church thing, but talking about death and heaven for me was just a normal part of life.  

When I was a little girl, death was not something that was hid from me. It was just taught to me as a natural part of life. My best friends parents use to take us to wakes and funerals so often that for me they were just as normal as going to the mall or the store.

My friend and I would sign our names in the guest book upon entering using our very best cursive writing. Then would begin the long procession to the front with the adults leading the way, to pay our respects to the deceased. And afterward, we children would be sent out to play and eat. And play and eat we did. 

Living in the South, people would bring so many delectable and delicious food to the gatherings. My friend and I would gorge ourselves on pecan pies, ham, pasta salads, lumpy jello molds, cookies and homemade breads until our bellies were bulging. And after eating, we would play in the long hallways and sneak in and out of dark rooms where caskets were stored, playing hide and seek until the last mourner would leave.  

I know looking back, it does seem a little strange, but it normalized for me the reality of life and death. Death wasn’t something to fear. It was only the doorway to something more. And that something more is a place called Heaven.

We all one day will have to face our own death-bed however that may come. The uncertainty of what lies beyond the grave is a subject of much debate, but for me it isn’t something that worries me.

For what I know is that the Bible tells me there is a real literal place called Heaven. The Bible also teaches us how we can go there. By repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as a our Lord and Savior we gain entrance into Heaven because of what He did for us. And it is through Jesus death and Resurrection that I can receive eternal life in Heaven. This is why I don’t worry! 

So when I had the opportunity to review the movie Heaven Is For Real, I was like, oh yes! I love talking, watching and reading about Heaven. 


The faith-based movie, Heaven Is For Real is based on a book about the true story of 4-year-old Colton Burpo who experienced visiting Heaven while having emergency surgery. In Heaven he saw God, talked with Jesus, listened to the angels sing, talked to his great-grandfather called Pops, and met his older sister who had died before Colton was born. He also tells about Jesus having a horse that was of many colors and describes Jesus as having markers referring to the marks in his hands and feet. 

Heaven Is For Real tells the story of the Burpo family, Todd, Sonja, Cassie and Colton. After Colton’s emergency surgery, Colton begins to reveal over a period of days, in such a realistic and nonchalant way, about his experiences in Heaven while on the operating table. As children are prone to do, he shares this information about what happened to him in bits and pieces over time. 

His father Todd, who happens to be a preacher, and you would think, the least likely to struggle with what has happened, wrestles spiritually with Colton’s experiences of visiting Heaven. Todd struggles with his faith while he processes what has happened to his son. 

As word spreads of Colton’s experience, the Burpos receive a wide range of responses, from curiosity and intrigue to skepticism and derision. 

Friends, Church Members and even the community question the validity of Colton’s experiences and want Todd to focus on the old way of doing things in the Church. Jay Wilkins and Nancy Rawling , church board members and Burpo family friends, deliver an ultimatum: more preaching and less Heaven or the church will find a new pastor.

Soon, even a frustrated Sonja implores Todd to focus on this life rather than the next one, especially considering the family’s severe financial struggles.

Yet, Todd believes his son experienced Heaven, and is further convinced when Colton reveals that he met a healthy, younger version of “Pop” – Todd’s grandfather who passed away before Colton was born. Colton convinces Sonja as well when he innocently mentions meeting his other older sister – the one who died in Sonja’s “tummy” – during his visit to Heaven.

With renewed faith and a desire to explore and accept God’s purpose for Colton’s experience, Todd invites the community to the next church service and delivers a much-anticipated message. Todd tells the congregation that, yes, God allowed Colton to experience a version of Heaven; that faith opens our eyes to eternal matters; that we are to love one another the way God loves us; that Heaven is definitely for real.

*At the end of the film, Todd sees a news report on TV about Akiane Kramarik, the Lithuanian girl who painted a breathtaking portrait of Jesus after experiencing Heaven herself. When Colton views the portrait, he is astonished; it is the only picture he’s seen that truly captures Jesus appearance. 

Bring the tissues. This movie will take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. It is a real tear jerker. You’ll experience the struggles every family goes through in life from how to pay the bills to dealing with sickness that seems to always hit at the most inopportune times. The movie delves deeply into what happens when Colton gets sick and almost dies. You’ll feel the highs and lows and travel through the adversity of dealing with a near death experience. If you’ve ever lost a loved one, be prepared for the emotions that may surface as you watch the story of little Colton’s sickness, then get ready to rejoice when he fully recovers.

Your beliefs will also be stretched as you explore along with the family about what happens after you die. Is there a heaven? What does Jesus look like? How old are people there? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this movie. And so much more.

I was especially surprised when Todd, Colton’s dad and a pastor struggles with what has happened to his son and wrestles with what he believes.I was pleased that they showed the progression of his spiritual growth as he fights the fight of faith. I mean don’t we all as Christians struggle with faith at times? I know I do even though I’m a Christian.

I did feel a disconnect with the mother in the movie after Colton’s returns home and begins to open up about his visit to heaven. She seemed almost indifferent at times, or maybe she just couldn’t deal with what had happened. I don’t really know, I just felt like if I had been Colton’s mother I would have wanted to know more about what had happened to him. I would have been more involved in asking questions and exploring the experiences he had in Heaven. But by the end of the movie, after Colton tells his mom about seeing his sister in Heaven that something broke in her. Whatever emotional wall she had built up around her heart came down. At this point I no longer felt a disconnect with her character.

The movie also explores how Colton’s experiences affect the community and the congregation where Colton’s dad preaches. Specifically, one woman who has become bitter after the death of her own son many years before. She asks the question in the movie, why did God give you your son back and take mine? I think this is a question that all parents ask when they have lost a child when another lives.

Heaven is for Real is an inspiring, unforgettable faith-filled movie that will leave you feeling hopeful and full of faith and love.

As we all know, movies are not always exactly produced word for word like the book, and this movie was no different. Yet, I think it stuck with the story line enough to convey the main message of faith and hope that there is life after death. That there is a real place called Heaven.

If you missed seeing the movie Heaven Is For Real when it came out in theaters, you can now watch it on Blu-Ray or DVD (July 22). I would also recommend that you pick up a copy of the book, Heaven Is For Real available online and at your local book store. 

The Heaven Is Real movie opens with a narrative asking this question. “Is Heaven a hope, or as real as the earth and sky? Colton’s story tells about a real place called Heaven. I believe Heaven is a real place, and I pray if you’re not a believer, this movie will be the catalyst to motivate you to explore the Bible to read the scriptures for yourself to learn more about Heaven and how you can be sure you are going there.

Disclosure: Resourceful Blogger was invited to watch a screening of the movie, Heaven Is For Real for review purposes. My opinion is 100% true and objective.

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“Is it possible to live slowly in a fast-paced culture?”

“Is it possible to live slowly in a fast-paced culture?” This is the question that Tsh Oxenreider explores in her book, “Notes From A Blue Bike”. She takes a thoughtful introspective look at the art of living intentionally in a chaotic world.

This book grabbed my attention just from the title, Notes From A Blue Bike. Let me show you why with a picture. 

“Is it possible to live slowly in a fast-paced culture?”This is my Blue Bike that my dad has kept in his storage building all these years. I rode this bike in the 70′s long before I became an adult and had responsibilities. I remember riding my bike for hours a day with not a care in the world.

At that time I didn’t have to give it much thought about what I would do everyday. I lived in a family where live was carefree and fun. My parents took such good care of me that my only worries were whether or not my room was clean and my homework was done. This was a time before social media and computers. Life was lived pretty slow, or at least in my world it was. We hiked on the weekend to pick blackberries, made homemade ice cream in the backyard with the neighbors and enjoyed watching Walt Disney World on Sunday nights.

Life was easy and simple and well, a lot slower compared to the culture we live in today. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, four decades later and we are bombarded with a world that is moving so fast. We live in a world that technology pretty much runs our lives. Our kids are involved in not 1 after-school activity, but 3 or 5 a week. Unheard of when I was a child. Our lives are lived online in a way that has never happened before in history so that we are venturing into unknown territories. There are no studies to show if by allowing our kids access to all this technology what the effect will be on them.  

Our personal lives have experienced a huge change too in the sense that no one’s personal life is private anymore. We have expanded our social circles from our own backyards and neighborhoods to the entire world.  We have instant access through technology to communicate with pretty much anyone in the world on the internet. The dangers of strangers is no longer a physical concern, but now a cyber one. We have more choices than ever compared to generations before us which can cause extreme stress from just trying to make the right decision.

Life is fast paced and always changing. This can take our breath away and cause us much anxiety if we allow it to control us. I’m not saying that all these changes haven’t been good. In fact, I think they have, but we need to learn how to use all the choices we have available today based on how it will bring meaning to our lives and what benefits it will have long term. 

This takes me back to the book, Notes From A Blue Bike, The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World.

Notes from a Blue Bike by TSH OXENREIDER

Tsh Oxenreider’s book is a memoir that takes you on a journey into Oxenreider’s life where she fleshes out with her insightful words what it means to live intentional in a chaotic world. Notes from a Blue Bike is part memoir, part travelogue, part practical guide where Tsh shares her journey through her past and explores the subject of slow intentional living. This memoir answers the question, “Is it possible to live slowly in a fast-paced culture?” This book will give you pause to think about the life your living and the choices you are making. It will help you to reflect on the life your living now and inspire you to make the changes necessary to slow down and make decisions based on what  your values and beliefs are. How to do that will be up to you, but Oxenreider will give you insight into how she and her family made those decisions and shares with you the effects it is now having in their lives. The changes necessary are not always easy. It takes hard work to be more introspective and to make the right choices to design the life you desire. It will be a learning process. It takes time, so be patient with yourself as you figure out how to build a life that is more intentional and purposeful. I would like to encourage you that if you’re feeling overwhelmed with life and have been looking for answers on how to simplify and find more meaning in a busy and sometimes chaotic world, pick up a copy of Notes From A Blue Bike. This just may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in order to share my honest review with my readers. 



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Movie Review: “Ragamuffin” The Story Behind The Hit Song “AWESOME GOD” by Rich Mullins


I just watched the movie Ragamuffin and I’m an emotional mess. The movie Ragamuffin captured my emotions in a very deep and real way and took me on a journey from hope to despair and back to hope even though the ending was so very sad. But God’s will is not always the will of man.

Rich Mullins, Christian singer and songwriter was a man who loved the Lord, yet continued to struggle with his fleshly carnal nature. He certainly lived outside the box of what is expected of a man of God. He didn’t live a perfect life and struggled in many areas of his life, especially with alcohol, but even in his struggles he tried to use his musical talents to honor and praise the Lord and minister to people.

Movie Review: "Ragamuffin" The Story Behind The Hit Song "AWESOME GOD" by Rich Mullins

He did achieve a certain level of success as a Christian musical artist. One of his most successful songs was “Awesome God.” Yet, Rich Mullins was made from a different cut of cloth than most musical artists. He hated the spotlight and the applause of the people. What shocked the music industry that represented him, was that Rich Mullins didn’t care about the money. In fact, he only allowed them to pay him the same yearly salary of the average American. The rest he donated to charities. He had no motivation whatsoever to be a success in this world. His inward motivation was finding God and peace with God.

I enjoy movies that have a story within a story and this movie, Ragamuffin met that expectation. It is a story about Rich Mullins success as a christian artist and his spiritual journey and when both conflicted he always chose the path of God even though he lived a very flawed life living out his walk with God. 

The story of Rich Mullins life is not an easy one to watch. It will carry your emotions to the edge of a precipice where you are faced with your own flawed humanity and leave you exploring your own thoughts on what it means to be a human in this sin filled world. We all as humans experience trials and issues. None of us are perfect and Rich Mullins was no different from you or I.

This DVD copy of the Ragamuffin I received says Not Rated so I’ll give you my personal opinion. I wouldn’t recommend allowing anyone under 13 to watch. Only because of the emotional content that I think takes a certain level of maturity to understand the underlying tones of the spiritual struggles portrayed in Rich Mullins life story.

Disclosure: I received a DVD of the movie Ragamuffin to share my honest opinion. 

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Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Travel Mug or Lunch Box with #cuppow!

I love using canning jars for all kinds of things. Canning jars are easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable, and when sealed they don’t leak. I really do use them for EVERYTHING! Drinking out of, storing snacks, chips and all kinds of food in. So when I heard about the Cuppow company that are making canning jar drinking lids I just had to try them out.

Here’s a picture of my Cuppow lids on my canning jars.

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!

They come in regular and wide mouth sizes. So you can get the cuppow lid size you need. I have both sizes.

I love this product. Not only for how easy it is to turn any canning jar into a travel mug, but for the fact they are made in the USA! 

I make my favorite iced coffee using just a canning jar and the cuppow canning jar drinking lid. I just add all my ingredients, shake up and add my cuppow lid and I’m ready to head out the door with my eco-friendly travel mug. No having to stop at a coffee shop. No worries about spills. You can also can make your own canning jar cozy. They have so many designs for sale online or you can make your own if your crafty. 

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!

 The cuppow lids are easy to use. Just place on top of your canning jar and screw on your band. Now your ready to use your instant canning jar travel mug. 

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!  To learn more about the Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking Lids and the company, check out his video by The Grommet.

Cuppow also has another product I want to share with you. The Cuppow BTNO! This product makes it easy to turn your canning jar into a lunchbox.

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!

You can use the Cuppow BNTO, for your dips, dressings or snacks. I added some cut up celery and french dressing in my canning jar for an on the go snack. Many moms make up snacks for the week and place them in the fridge for their kids. All they have to do is just grab and go. Now what’s easier than that? 

Turn Your Canning Jar Into A Lunchbox and Travel Mug with #cuppow!

 You are unlimited by the what you can do using the Cuppow BNTO!

I highly recommend the Cuppow products as the ultimate Resourceful Mom Solution!

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26 Easy Hairstyling Hacks


 I found this great resource online for easy Hairstyling Hacks at Buzz Feed DIY . These 26 Hairstyling Hacks are so easy to do. I’m not good at all when it comes to styling my hair, but even I could can do these. Save this link to keep on hand when you are looking for an easy stylish hairstyle.

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Roma Downey Interview: Discussing Her faith, Son of God Movie & More….

How are you doing this Sunday? It rained off and on here, most of the day, so I spent my day indoors just resting and sleeping and reading God’s word. I cooked a little, did some laundry and now I’m heading off to bed for the night.

I just to wanted to take a few minutes and share with you about an interview that Roma Downey, star of “Touched By An Angel” and producer of the TV series “The Bible” & the film, “Son of God,” gave on this week’s episode of 100 Huntley Street. She sat down with host Eric Metaxes to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs she has experienced while producing and participating in faith-based work. The interview aired today and is on http://us.100huntley.com

Roma Downey Interview

I’m happy that more and more women of faith are willing to be courageous enough to place their faith at the forefront of their careers. Especially, in the current climate of our culture where Christians who speak out and stand up for their faith are being persecuted because it is not socially accepted. I appreciate that Downey is forging the way for all those who desire to encourage audiences through uplifting media messages.

If you are a man or woman of faith be encouraged to continue doing the work that God has called you to do. Be willing to take a stand for the truth! Don’t back down, no matter the persecution. No matter if you are supported or not by your family or friends or the culture you live in. If God has given you a mission, a purpose, a desire, a dream – be brave, be persistent and be obedient to His purpose and plan for your life.

For Downey, she listened to the whispers that God placed in her heart to bring the message of the Gospel to the big screen. Because she (and her husband, Mark Burnett) listened and obeyed, people all around the world will hear the message of Jesus and be saved.

What is He whispering in your heart? What is God calling you to do? How does he want to use you to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ? Not everyone can produce a movie about Jesus on the big screen or TV, but all of us can speak up and share the gospel with our family, friends and neighbors. We can share the message of what Jesus did at the cross to save us from our sins by sharing out own personal testimony with others.

So I want to encourage you today, to stand up and speak out about your faith and what Jesus did for you. Roma and her husband Mark were willing to take a stand in Hollywood for what they believe in and what God called them to do. Will you do the same where you’re at in your own life?

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A resource for those who are exploring or transitioning to meat free eating: 3 Meat-Free Burger Recipes

I’m a meat eater. I tend to have meat with every meal, but this can sometimes cause me to go over my food-budget. So I’ve been trying to incorporate more meat free meals in my menu plan. So I’ve been on the hunt for meat-free recipes. In my search, I discovered V-lish, a new site dedicated  to helping people explore or sustain a transition to meat-free eating. These three meat-free burger recipes are all from V-lish.com. Visit V-lish for more meat-free recipes.

Mushroom-Nut Burgers

Three Meat-Free Burgers for Your 4th of July BBQ

Big Ben Lentil Burger 

Three Meat-Free Burgers for Your 4th of July BBQ

Southwest Black Bean and Corn Mini Burgers 

Three Meat-Free Burgers for Your 4th of July BBQ


V-lish is a project of Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary has saved thousands of animals from the brutal factory farming industry. These animals live safe and happy lives at Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters located in Watkins Glen, New York, Orland, California, and just outside of Los Angeles. You can learn more about the rescued animals who call Farm Sanctuary home below or by visiting farmsanctuary.org

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Local Gala Inspired by Breast Cancer Victim’s Surviving 9 year-old Daughter

As we all know, suffering the loss of a family member, friend or neighbor can be devastating. It’s hard to hold our heads up and move forward. It’s painful. We feel sucker punched when the sting of death touches our lives. No matter how death comes, it’s heart breaking to all. And in those times it’s hard to breath. To pick one foot up in front of another. To keep moving onward and upward.

This is especially true when children suffer the loss. 9-year-old Julia experienced this when her mother 39-year-old mother Atalie Bernic lost her battle to triple negative breast cancer. You can imagine how devastating this was to Julia and her family.

They grieved. They mourned. They suffered all the feelings and experiences that loss brings as we all do who have dealt with the loss of a loved one. Yet, they kept moving forward and have found a way to honor Atalie Bernic’s memory with Atalie’s Hope inspired by Julia the daughter of Atalie.

Atalie’s Hope- a not for profit foundation dedicated to helping the children of women who have lost their fight with breast cancer.

Their goal is to bring awareness about rare forms of breast cancer through community outreach and fundraising.

Their mission is to provide financial assistance to children whose lives have been affected by this deadly disease.

This support can take the form of psychological counseling, tuition for a school semester or camp, or any number of activities that may somehow help a child cope with the loss of a mother.

They want to bring a little bit of joy, much-needed comfort, and hope to a child whose life has been turned upside down due to the death of a mother.

Atalie’s Hope will also announce the first ever family recipient of the “Gift of Hope.”

This year, the Gift of Hope will be given to a family that recently lost their mother to breast cancer; the children and their father will receive all-expenses paid trip to Disney. 

If you live in the New York area and would like to support Atalie’s Hope you are invited to attend Atalie’s Hope second annual gala in New Hyde Park. The event will be Thursday June 26, 2014. Cost is $150.00 per person and all proceeds will go towards the foundation.

Atalie's Hope

Donations can also be made to the foundation here: http://atalieshope.org/.

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21 Sweet, Fashionable, Summer Dresses Your Daughter Will Love!

Adorable, fashionable Summer Dresses for girls. These are so cute from The Tea Collection. Always popular with my readers. You’ll find sweet girl dresses in bright, happy, fun colors. Dresses in a variety of styles from maxi length, halter, to knee-length sundresses. My favorite is the Ostrich Tile Mini Dress. This would look adorable with a pair of tights. The Tea Collection is inspired by cultures from around the world. Enjoy browsing and shopping through this collection of 21 pretty Summer dresses.

21 Summer Girl Dresses On Sale

Read the rest of this entry »

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Cute and Simple Nail Art: Basket Weave Design

Cute and simple nail art

With close to 2M subscribers on her Youtube channel, Cutepolish does an amazing job at nail art.  She remains illusive but in a 2011 Beautylish interview we get some insights into what inspires her to do such amazing art work.  According to her it takes anywhere from 20 to 60 mins to create a nail art design.  Her inspiration can come from many places, a walk outdoors, a trip to the mall, dreams, and from her many fans.  Her designs tend to be cute, simple and fun.  Here is a great one on basket weave nails.

Basket Weave Nails


Nail Paint No.309 (Ice Cream Strawberry) 10ml By Barry M

Nail Paint No.309 (Ice Cream Strawberry) 10ml By Barry M


Paris Colour Riche Trend Setter Nail Polish, New Money

Paris Colour Riche Trend Setter Nail Polish, New Money


L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Trend Setter Nail Color, Not A Cloud In Sight 111 (Blue)

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Trend Setter Nail Color, Not A Cloud In Sight 111 (Blue)


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

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